By Tigi

Client: Unilever and Tigi
Year: 2017
Scope: User Experience and Website Design

Catwalk by Tigi is a professional hair product line aimed at the modern, professional woman. The aim was create them a website for their customers to visit in order purchase products, find Catwalk salons near them, and interact with the brand.


User Experience

To ensure that the user was able to move between the four Tigi brands with ease, we created a top navigation where the user can easily see and go through the different brands. 



Product Landing Page


Products Listing Page


Product Detail Page




Using the Catwalk by Tigi brand guidelines and photography we created a modern and fresh take on the website. Ensuring accessibility and a functional user experience in combination with design.


“For the modern and chic working woman. Effortless, ready to wear hair” 

Mobile first designs

We ensured that the designs were created with mobile users at the heart of all the interactions.

Desktop Designs

We kept the desktop designs simple and classic. We applied simple navigation to allow the user to browse the products with ease.