Pixeled Eggs

Client:      Pixeled Eggs
Year:        2016
Scope:     Branding, User Experience & Website Design

Pixeled Eggs is a digital agency based in London. The brief was to refresh their current branding and digital presence with a new website.

User Experience

To fit with the bold and daring Pixeled Eggs attitute, I chose a bright red and yellow as the primary Pixeled Eggs colours. To compliment these, I used a white and a dark grey as the secondary colours. To enhance the personality of Pixeled Eggs I chose two font weights of Poppins to be used as their typeface across their branding. It has a bold and powerful feel but remains looking friendly and approachable. 

User Experience

The concept behind the user experience was to tell the story of who Pixeled Eggs are as an agency, while showcasing examples of their latest work in an easy-to-use navigation. It starts with a short introduction to who Pixeled Eggs are, and continues to their latest projects. I used a horizontal navigation, where each page slides in from the right to create the sense of a story being told. Each page has the logo and hamburger menu so that the user can easily navigate through the site intuiatively. 

Mobile View

Desktop View