Attention Seekers

Client:      Attention Seekers
Year:        2018
Scope:     Branding, UX & Website Design

Attention Seekers is a creative content and broadcasting agency connecting gaming audiences around the world. The brief was to create a brand refresh and an website redesign to fit the new brand guidelines. Bold and bright user interfaces have been incorporated throughout the site to attract their target gaming audiences. 

User Experience

Attention Seeker’s target demographic is users ages 16-35 which is why the user experience, interface and design needed to suit a large age range. To solve this the website remains largely convention in it’s navigation, with areas of uniqueness and fun elements to bring the website to life.

An example of this is the bottom navigation on the initial landing page, this is aimed to mimic the interfaces usually found on popular games where all the interactions are located at the bottom of the computer screen.


The designs needed to fit the demographic, and to answer this I used a simple dark background with areas of bright colours in contrast to this. The site will be animation heavy, so a lot of the colours will be brought in through this.