Pony Bikes

Client:      Pony Bikes
Year:        2018
Scope:     User Experience & Website Design

Pony Bikes is an international dock-less bicycle renting service available in the UK and France. Pony Bikes aim to create a fresh and modern approach to the dock-less bicycle industry using a strong and bold brand with bright colours and fun imagery. The brief was to create a one-page website which introduces Pony Bikes, their price plans and the features of the dock-less bicycle. 

User experience and design

As most people will be viewing this website while out and about the city, the focus was on creating a fully-responsive mobile first website. I created areas which have all the information the user could need and a navigation which allows the user to easily navigate to each area with ease. Another feature was to make sure the user could easily download the Pony Bikes app so this was kept prominent in the navigation at all times. The design uses their statement block colours and vibrant photography throughout to set Pony Bikes apart from their competitors.