Client:      Win Technologies
Year:        2016
Scope:     Logo Design

I was approached by WinTechnologies to create the branding and logo design for their new internal software Pulse. The name ‘Pulse’ was chose through a company wide competition, and they wanted the logo to represent this name in a modern and clean form. 

“We have continuing momentum to push boundaries, encourage growth and get pulses racing at the heart of everything we do.”

The Process

I start most of my branding projects with a brainstorm session to gather ideas, and come up with concepts to create the brand look and feel. I wanted the logo to match WinTechnologies modern and fresh approach, while encompassing the meaning behind the name Pulse. 

The Design

I wanted the logo to reflect a sense of movement and therefore decided to go with a curved S-shape, which represents a pulse symbol. I chose a fresh green gradient to add depth, and a modern feeling to the logo. The balanced out the logo with a simple and light typeface.

The Launch Event

The launch of Pulse was celebrated at WinTechnologies with a big launch event in Camden, London. Print posters, balloons, and even cupcakes and coffee were created with the logo on it for the launch. See some pictures below.