Client:      Woof
Year:        2017
Scope:     Branding,User Experience & Website Design

The concept: Embrace the Mess. Owning a dog is messy. Dogs from rescue centres often get a bad reputation for needing careful training and a great deal of patience. The purpose of Woof  is to promote and encourage the rehoming of dogs from it’s rescue centre. The concept for this dog rehoming centre is to embrace the chaos and inevitable mess that accompanies the adopting of a new dog, especially if the dog needs extra attention. Woof primarily aims to highlight the fun times and love you receive when adopting a rescue dog, even if it may be a bit messy at times. Embrace the mess.

Design and User Experience

Embrace the fun:  The brand aims to encompass the fun-loving spirit of dogs by using bright colours, organic shapes and a hand-lettered logo. The carefully considered user experience creates a simple journey to browse the current dogs up for rehoming, while creating a friendly atmosphere where users can easily find advice and help before settling on a suitable dog.